Mysia Lee

Why Hire a PR and Publicity Writer?

I’m not a novelist, poet, or the author of a celebrity-studded tell-all memoir. I’m not an expert on mind, body, home, or career makeovers. I’m not a motivational speaker, management consultant, psychic, or near-death experience survivor. We all have our own specialties and our own stories to tell. My specialty is writing PR and publicity materials that get people interested in other people’s stories. Why not yours?

I am a seasoned, passionate freelance writer of press releases, pitch letters, author profiles, case studies, Q&As, fact sheets, and other pieces to help position, publicize, and sell books. Since launching my niche career 16 years ago, I have written at least 2,000 press releases for books spanning every genre, including business, self-help, memoir, history, mystery, inspirational, culinary, literary fiction, YA novels, and children’s picture books. My clients include AMACOM (the book division of the American Management Association), HarperCollinsPublishers, Simon & Schuster, Mouth Public Relations, Page Turner Publicity, and Marian Brown PR.

I have also written publicity, promotion, and marketing materials for Reader’s Digest, The New York Times Magazine, Workbench Furniture, the Journal of Arthritis and Rheumatologytwo schools, one church, and a small bunch of local entrepreneurs. Before going solo, I worked as an in-house publicist (sometimes full-time on staff, sometimes on a contract basis) for Warner Books, New American Library, Ballantine Books, and Dell, as well as served as publicity manager for The Free Press and Paragon House.

I juggle the joys of working from home with the challenges of raising a teenager. In 2007, I became a new mom in midlife through adopting a bright, beautiful, and very active 9-year-old girl. I write about my parenting adventures on my other blog, Mystified Mom ( I grew up in New York’s beautiful Hudson Valley and now live in the urban bustle of Northern New Jersey. And I owe my unusual name, Mysia (pronounced “misha”), to a city in ancient Asia Minor, which my creative-minded mother found on a map.

That’s enough of my story. Let me help you share, showcase, and get lots of attention for yours.

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